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Initial consultation...


​We will visit you to discuss your requirements and advise accordingly.

Survey, design, plans & pre-application...


We undertake a measured and photographic survey of your property. This is used to prepare a computer model to produce drawings for builder's quotations or planning pre-development enquiry (a development enquiry is usually advisable to identify any points of contention with the local authority).

Plans for permission, submission & liaison...


If planning permission is required, we produce all the information required (full plans, location map, design & access statement, FRA's, etc.), complete all forms, submit to the local authority and undertake all liaison with them.

Building reg. submission & liaison...​


If a Building Control full plans application is required, we produce plans & specifications for submission and liaise with Building Control.

Manufacturing & fabrication drawing, interior layout & design...


We can also produce detailed manufacturing drawings and specifications for bespoke furniture, fixtures and fittings. Interior layouts for furnishings and equipment. 3D visualisations. Product, supplier and material sourcing.



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